Heather Havens Alibrando dog rescue

After a long day with 2 sons chores animals and life………Heather prepares for tomorrow morning . Gathering dog blankets, treats and dog food for a visit to the local animal shelter. There are over 300 dogs to be pet and loved even if it is the last day for them. Sometimes she brings her kids with her and they split up to maximize time and visit eat animal to show that they care. 

I love animals. I love children. I would spend endless time just sitting and reading to the dogs and petting them. I wish I could save them all. I have saved 14 dogs lives either by fostering mamas and their pups or finding homes after doing private rescues. It is the most rewarding thing you can do in life to give completely unconditionally.

I hope to always be able to open my hoe to a homeless animal. My children have learned such compassion thru doing so their whole lives.


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